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                    We're Tucson's ONLY BBB Accredited balloon tour company.  In addition we have an A+ rating! 
                 We're also the ONLY company with pilots qualified for an FAA First Class Medical Certifcate.

 Welcome to Balloon America !
Don't be fooled by part time, weekend amateurs that offer a lower price - yet boring low altitude flight - over industrial parks, barren flat agricultural fields and desert scrub an hour drive from Tucson!

We have many exclusive advantages over other amateur operations:

*  The ONLY balloon tour company in Southern Arizona that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  This means we have been vetted and proven to have incredibly high standards of business ethics and practices.  In addition we have been rated by the BBB as an A+ company:  https://www.bbb.org/tucson/business-reviews/balloons-manned/balloon-america-in-tucson-az-17557

*  The ONLY pilots with First Class Medical Certificates - the same ones issued to airline pilots.  No other balloon pilots in Southern Arizona have even second or third class medical certificates - and only a handful nationwide - possess this level of certification.  We're heart healthy and drug free - AND we can prove it. The Federal Aviation Administration does NOT require balloon pilots to have ANY type of medical certificate. Without a medical certificate how do you know your pilot is healthy enough to pilot an aircraft?

*  The
ONLY company with a dedicated balloon port at La Mariposa Resort on Tucson's east side.  We have secure parking, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor catering for up to 200 people, and yes, with advance notice we can FLY that many passengers at one time.    All other balloon companies fly from unauthorized remote locations in the middle of Avra Valley over the freeway and boring industrial farm land.

*  The
ONLY company with leather seats and seat belts on board for our First Class flights.  You don't stand when you fly on an airplane, why should you be required to when you fly in a balloon?

*  The
ONLY company with brand new 2017 Ford Transit 14 passenger high roof luxury vans to pick up our group passengers.  No jumping in the back of a pick up truck with us!  For private, first class flights we utilize our Mercedes 450 GL Sport Utility.

* The ONLY company that requires our pilots to wear inertia reel safety harness restraints. This is required in Europe yet is not required in the United States. Why do we require our pilots to wear these? While hard landings in balloons are extremely rare they can happen, much as when a passenger jet sets down hard on a runway. Your jet pilot is strapped in and contained within the cocoon of the cockpit, while balloons are open air aircraft. It is possible for your pilot to be ejected from the balloon's basket during this type of landing. With a restraint harness this is impossible - so that he can stay in control during the entire landing procedure.

*  The
ONLY company with a 100% safety record.  We have NEVER had an accident or incident in 33 years of operations.  None of our part time competitors can make this claim.

 *  The ONLY company with an exclusive flight path along the 9100 ft. tall Santa Catalina mountains.

Check out our video tour below - Ballooning the Santa Catalina Mountains - EXCLUSIVE TO BALLOON AMERICA!

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you can choose Fly By Night Tours that operate OUTSIDE Tucson in Marana and Avra Valley (also referred to as Dogpatch by long time Tucsonans) over the freeway, industrial parks and tract housing 200 feet above ground ... Yell