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                    We're Tucson's ONLY BBB Accredited balloon tour company with an A+ rating!                                       

  Welcome to Balloon America
Don't be fooled by part time, weekend amateurs that offer a lower price - yet boring low altitude flight - over industrial parks, barren flat agricultural fields and desert scrub an hour drive from Tucson!

* 34 years of experience and over 6,600 hours of flight time with FAA Certified Commercial Pilots...

* The ONLY Pilots certified to be 100%  drug free and heart healthy with FAA First Class Medical Certificates. ^

*A PERFECT safety record...  not even a broken finger nail!  Flight safety is our Number One priority.

*The most on board space and the ONLY company with seats and seatbelts upon advance request for ALL passengers.   Why be forced to stand with competitors?

*AND an EXCLUSIVE flight path with Sabino Canyon and the 9,300 feet tall Santa Catalina Mountains as our backdrop...

You have distinct choices regarding what you fly over, what you see while aloft, how high you fly and how much on board personal space you have.  Your first choice is flying with Balloon America from the private LaMariposa Resort on the Northeast side of Tucson. This is Tucson's premier ballooning location and exclusive to Balloon America!  No other balloon tour company is allowed to fly from this incredibly scenic location and follow our unique flight path.

We fly over Tucson's finest 5 star resorts, championship golf courses and multi million dollar estates.  We provide breath taking views of the snow covered 9,300 feet tall Santa Catalina Mountains, Rincon Mountains, Coronado National Forest and Sabino Canyon up to one mile above ground.  We are the only company in Tucson with luxurious wide body gondolas - featuring reconfigured interiors upgraded to first class with leather seats and seat belts upon advance request for ALL passengers during our high season tours.  

^ Our pilots - as a condition of emploment - must lead drug free and heart healthy lifestyles.  They are also required to obtain and keep current an FAA First Class Medical Certificate just like Airline Pilots, even though there is no regualtion that requires this!

Check out our video tour below - Ballooning the Santa Catalina Mountains - EXCLUSIVE TO BALLOON AMERICA!

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you can choose Fly By Night Tours that operate OUTSIDE Tucson in Marana and Avra Valley (also referred to as Dogpatch by long time Tucsonans) over the freeway, industrial parks and tract housing 200 feet above ground ... Yell